Rajasthan stands in the array for providing Government jobs

Rajasthan stands in the array for providing Government jobs

Rajasthan is the state of fairy-tales, ancient forts, colorful festivals, wildlife and it adorns as a diamond in India’s crown. Rajasthan flamboyant places grab the tourists’ attention. Rajasthanis canary yellow, fire-red, and emerald green turbans are most-spoken and fascinating every one of us. Rajasthan Government is hugely benefited from its tourism department. Though being a dry land, the state stands in education, employment and other sectors as good as other states. Many reforms reinforced many sectors. The government’s key goal is to offer education and employment to all. Let us see what are the actions are taken by the Rajasthan Government to improve the state’s strength.

Rajasthan Science Congress (RSC)

The event with a key them of Science & Technology for Sustainable Development of State of Rajasthan was organized at Amity University Campus, Jaipur on 13th and 15th October.

The RSC notification stated that Sustainable development is a rising area as it addresses the socio-economic development of every human being.

“Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, a major sub-theme was included in the RSC besides the presentation of the research paper on the major theme. Additionally, the event had many industrial exhibitions and commercial presentation.

Education Vs Employability was the hot topic identified for paper presentation. The main noted points were 1. How technology and innovation accelerate progress in learning of any language. 2. How does employability become a success through effective communication? 3. How do listening skills and effective communication help to enter and sustain the Corporate Companies? 4. Improving employability skills through Group discussions, debate. 5.  How do ethics, integrity and soft skills help at a workplace? 

RSC organizers stressed on the points that teaching, advanced development in science, digitalized learning, usage of internet in industrial sectors, socio-economical growth, human rights educations, strong and stable institutions, and industrialization are also imperative for the state’s sustainable development. 

Higher education in Rajasthan

In order to increase the ratio of Govt jobs in Rajasthan, it designed a vast higher education system in terms of many types and numbers of institutions. Rajasthan stands in the sixth place of India in terms of the number of colleges. 

The Department of Higher and Technical Education, Rajasthan is focusing on nurturing employment, and aspiring generation in future. Such traits would definitely help the youngsters of the State to sustain in the competitive globalization. Benchmarking will be done to enhance the quality of all higher education institutes through The National Board of Accreditation and The National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

Employment status in Rajasthan:

Rajasthan Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje announced that her Government increased the age limit for applying Government Jobs in Rajasthan from 35 years to 40 years.

Medical facilities

She included 48 hours free treatment will be provided in the Government & Private hospital for the road accident victims. Government hospitals will perform free angiography for patients and more than one lakh Govt jobs in Rajasthan will be announced in the near future. The Chief Minister added that Rs 25 crores worth medical equipment will be purchased and the developmental work will be performed for the SMS College of Medicine and its related hospitals.

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