How to Study Mathematics for Class 9

How to Study Mathematics for Class 9

Practice makes perfect especially when it comes to mathematics. This is the reason why your school mathematics teacher gives you so many assignments or mathematics problems to solve, and this is common in most of the educational board i.e CBSE, ICSE and State Board.   Most of the students try to study mathematics by remembering important equations and formulas. Knowing the important formulas and equations are necessary to solve mathematical problems, but the best way to learn is to learn by using them or by practicing them. Start your preparation as early as possible, complete your assignments or homework in due time, and ask your teacher if any doubts and problems occured while solving the problems.

Study using class notes 

After you come home from school take proper rest and eat properly, then look over the notes that you had taken for few minutes. During your exam preparation go through the notes of the entire chapter or unit. Try to understand the examples your teacher solved in the class, understanding these will help you to break down how the formula or the equation works. If you forgot to carry your notebook on a particular day, then, borrow it from your friend so that you would not miss out on the lecture notes for that day.

Solve problems similar to those which were assigned for home assignment

Suppose your teacher has assigned you problems whose answers are not provided at the back of the book, and there are some questions whose answers are provided at the back of the book, we recommend you to solve those questions at first whose answers are provided at the back of the book so that you can check your weakness and strengths.

Study in a group

Every person sees a concept in a very different way, something which is difficult for one may not be difficult for someone else. So, one can discuss with each other and solve their problems. Teaching someone will help you to retain that concept in your mind for a very long duration of time.

Reward Yourself

Set a daily goal or target that you will solve a certain number of questions that day, after you reach your daily target of solving problems, reward yourself with some healthy snacks or something you love the most.

Study materials

There are plenty of study materials present in the market, but choosing a good one is a tough job. Ask your teachers and seniors for the best study materials to study. Don’t forget to take advantage of free study material which is there on the internet, browse the internet and you will find tons of study materials and start studying from the one which has good feedbacks and comments. You can also solve questions from RS Aggarwal for Class 9 and check  RS aggarwal class 9 solutions which are available online.

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