A Reality Check on the Legal Fraternity and Regarding the Law Practice

A Reality Check on the Legal Fraternity and Regarding the Law Practice

Like most other careers and professional lines today, the legal fraternity is not within its share of myths and misconceptions. So much has been said about the law practice such that those aspiring to be lawyers are left confused, if not disillusioned on whether it is as rewarding a career as many have been led to believe. According to the American Bar Association, over half of all the lawyers that participated in a recently held survey were dissatisfied with their life and times in the legal fraternity.

This can only mean one thing; these lawyers did not make the right decision before they shaped their career paths. Is the practice of law your field of choice or there is more than meets the eye for you? The only way you will make the right career choice is to enlighten yourself on the realities of the career path you are about to follow. Here are some valuable myths and widespread misconceptions that will help set the record straight, and hopefully help make the right decision.

A lawyer has a clearly defined path to financial freedom and financial success (read richness). This is probably the most widespread misconception and myth surrounding the practice of law. The truth of the matter is you have to really work hard to get there. You will need more than just education to get there. You will need education plus so many years of experience. Unless of course you choose to be a corrupt lawyer taking the cowards route to success, you will have to put in extra effort and look up to mentors like Jonathan Bunge in order to get the best salary remuneration from a career in the legal field.

It is possible to affect societal change and eradicate injustice as an attorney. No doubt an attorney can make a significant positive impact in the society. However, you should know that ligation has very little to do with your virtue winning over societal evil and all to do with bargaining for your customer’s position based on the relevant facts presented and as per the law applicable. As Jon Bunge often says, most judicial decisions are not often made based on the pursuit of right vs. wrong or the pursuit of justice. Judicial decisions are often about reaching an agreeable compromise between the different parties involved.

There is so much that goes on in the legal field. Unless you know how to separate truth from fiction, you may end up with the worst career of your life.

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