Comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of online education

Comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of online education

With the present economic conditions in the US, not many students are being able to enroll themselves in colleges due to the sky-high college costs. Not only are students becoming broke, their parents too aren’t being able to manage so many liabilities at the same time. Therefore, all those students who are going through dire financial straits are seeking help of the online classes through access of internet. The concerns of this article will discuss a few strengths and weaknesses of getting online education. Read on to enhance your knowledge.

The strengths of online education

Accessible from anywhere: The biggest strength of online education is that it allows the learners to participate in high quality classes from anywhere in the world. They just need to have a computer and internet connection in order to access the classes. The physically challenged people, who have problem traveling to places, can easily boost their knowledge through online education.

Offers synergy: The online format of the classes also offers a chance of dynamic interaction between the students and the instructor and also among the different students from different areas. The resources are shared among each other with continuous synergy and this facilitates the entire learning process.

Creative teaching: Adult education supports the usage of interactive learning environments that boosts the creativity of both the learned and the learner. The lectures that are offered by the experts are extremely creative and you will have access to everything with an internet connection.

The weaknesses of online education

Computer literacy: In order to be able to reap the benefits of online education, you need computer literacy and if you don’t know how to operate a computer, you won’t be able to make us of this.

Limitations of technology: Although technology is much smarter than that of humans but you can’t rely 100% on it as it might also fail at times. If the PCs suffer from any kind of technological problems, the entire class might be bogged down.

Therefore, if you don’t have enough time to attend universities and enroll yourself with the high fees, you can certainly leverage the benefits of online education.

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