Review of student competencies in Herguan University

Review of student competencies in Herguan University

It represents a great opportunity for every person who wants to fulfill his study ambitions to develop core competencies as they follow their chosen degree. In many of the Herguan University Reviews it is mentioned that these competencies are more of a commitment taken by the staff and faculty of the university as they want to work so as the finished degree will represent not only a piece of paper, but also the required skills and attitudes. In many cases it is more difficult to implement a successful attitude towards education than to simply share knowledge of it all. By fulfilling some important competencies the institution is one step closer to realizing their mission.

The first thing that most of the Herguan University Reviews underline is that the students should be capable of high expertise in the subjects studied. More than just handling the knowledge given, students need to be able to acquire and use skills that will prepare them for future employment and will magnify their chances to actually work in the field of expertise. The university would like to prevent the unfortunate cases when the alumni are not ready for that line of business and have to start working something that is below their academic level of training. Another important aspect is to teach students to think in a critical manner. It is not enough to state the obvious, as students have to be able to analyze problems and bring efficient arguments to whatever issue. Also they will need to adapt their learnt ideas to something which will have a high degree of applicability in everyday life.

Besides these important competencies, the Herguan University Reviews tackle the important issue of communication. It is useless for a person to have all the knowledge in the world if he is not able to communicate it in an efficient manner. The students need to develop communication skills which will help them in expressing clear ideas and taking part in logically based dialogues. Even more, communication needs to be passed over to other members of the global community. It is unacceptable to see themselves as only members of a limited group of people, as the world awaits their contribution to the larger community of business and technology. In this respect, acknowledging the fact that ideas come from all around the world and the students need to blend in, is the first step in developing a good sense of being a part of a greater community.

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