How Can Blockchain Change Education?

 How Can Blockchain Change Education?

A blockchain technology is very famous nowadays and it has been integrated into many industries and fields. In a nutshell, a blockchain is a database, which has permanent information blocks, and it can be shared within a certain community. The question is – can it change education?

Blockchain technology: can it change education?

Many experts started to spread theories regarding the integration of a blockchain technology into education system. We will take a look at the most burning facts and find the answers. 

  • Reforming the Current Education Model

The traditional method of receiving education exists in two forms: formal and informal learning processes. However, we can see how many famous universities and colleges provide community with the online-courses and workshops, which is another good way to become educated. Under this theory of reforming the current education model, a blockchain technology allows you to get education without any barriers. For instance, the process of micro-accreditation could be provided through a blockchain, launching an easier process of validation and transfer of skills and credentials. 

  • Permanent Records

The trend of making digital documents like your degree or some course certificates became common among the top universities. For example, the students of MIT can get their diplomas through a simple app, in addition to the paper one. A blockchain technology permanently store all the records, so it would be useful to establish such technology in education as well. People would be able to have access to any university’s record keeping-system. Moreover, it is hard to delete/lose data from such system, which always happens with old systems Wow Yar Get More Updates

  • Verifying the identity & securing the information

Both students and job candidates can easily use the blockchain technology to verify the identity of themselves, or manage the personal data. However, it is still a theory and many experts are already working towards achieving this goal. By using the blockchain technology, only certain parties responsible for the identity verification and can have access to the certain data. 

  • Ownership of Learning

The main purpose of the blockchain technology is keeping all the data in one way – personal. Students can get a control and ownership of their personal education data, including accreditation and additional documents. It can be a secure place with an access to anyone who wants to verify the information. In this case, the created public blockchains may provide people with the capability to make final decisions of who can access and use their personal data and information. 

  • Interactive Learning & Analytics

The blockchain technology could be also useful in presenting the learning activity throughout the world. The best lecturers and helpful information on many subjects could be easily identified and found. That makes the learning process become more interactive and launch the analytics in a new way. Successful integration of blockchain pilot-projects in many countries would boost the knowledge sharing and encourage others. 

There many interesting theories and facts, how can blockchain change education, but we already know for sure – and it will be achievable in the future.

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