How to Ace Science Class 10 CBSE Examinations?

How to Ace Science Class 10 CBSE Examinations?


Students studying for the CBSE Class 10 examinations must approach the Science subject carefully. Compared to other subjects, passing the CBSE 10th Science exam with excellent marks requires more effort and dedication. Considering this, we have covered a few easy CBSE class 10 science study tips for 2023 that will help students score excellent marks. These best tips for CBSE class 10 science preparation in 2023 will assist in developing a study plan for passing the CBSE board exams.

Tips to Ace Science Class 10 CBSE Examinations

  • Students must do self-revisions of the topics taught in the classroom to brush up on the concept and understand them better. Through this, they will learn which subject areas require more attention. They may create an efficient study strategy and focus on those topics.
  • NCERT textbooks are the greatest resource for CBSE students, as they cover the complete curriculum and are highly recommended by the board.
  • Students should consistently practice MCQs. Doing this can increase scores since MCQs can help students score full marks without any mark deductions. Therefore, Students are advised to practice Class 10 science MCQs to enhance their scores and understanding of the subject.
  • Students should start solving CBSE previous year papers once familiar with exam patterns, the syllabus, and mark distribution. These papers help us understand the test’s difficulty level and the questions given. They can use it to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

How to Attempt CBSE Class 10 Science Examination?

  • Thoroughly read the exam paper and mark the questions you find most interesting. 
  • Sort the questions into easy, medium, and complex categories based on your understanding level.
  • Start with the questions you are most comfortable answering.
  • Do not waste time if you are unable to answer any questions. Move on to the next question. 
  • Write the answers using the CBSE-allocated marks.
  • When writing answers, keep in mind the board exam’s timeframe. Track the time.


It takes persistent effort and an organised study plan to ace the CBSE science class 10 exams. With the tips above, students should keep a positive mindset, stay motivated, and manage their time efficiently. Students may easily prepare for and do well in the CBSE Class 10 Science board examinations 2023 with the proper advice, a sound study plan, and the best study tools.

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