Ace MPSC Prelims in First Attempt!

Ace MPSC Prelims in First Attempt!

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is one of the country’s major public civil service examinations. The commission holds tests to select applicants for a variety of empty positions around the state of Maharashtra. The examination is conducted in three stages: prelims, mains and the interview. Applicants who pass all three levels of the examination will be assigned to positions in the forest service, police department, administration, engineering and other departments.

Recently, the notification for the State Services Preliminary Examination 2022 was released by MPSC on May 11, 2022. The MPSC announced 161 job vacancies for various positions. The exam will be held at 37 district centres across Maharashtra. Candidates who wish to apply for the forthcoming preliminary examination should visit the MPSC’s official website. 

In the given article, we will give some tips on how to effectively prepare for the MPSC prelims exam in a short duration of time. Following the given suggestions will undoubtedly help the aspirants to do well in the MPSC exam.

Tips to Prepare for MPSC Prelims

Hard work and dedication are the key qualities in order to qualify for all competitive examinations. There is no substitute other than consistent hard work to ace any examination, especially in today’s era of high competition. Given below are some tips and suggestions for the aspirants to follow, which would make them score higher in the upcoming MPSC prelims:

  • Going through the exam pattern and syllabus:

Getting oneself familiarised with the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam is the most significant aspect of starting one’s preparation for any exam with the least amount of time and effort. Check all the different subjects that will be asked in the exam. Learn about the topics which are frequently asked. While preparing, aspirants should stick to the syllabus of the exam and prepare accordingly.

  • Make a suitable timetable:

Creating a timetable is the most important step of the preparation strategy. Divide the time for all the activities of the day, such as studying, sleeping and relaxing. Divide the study time and plan which subjects to be covered in how much time. This will help aspirants become more disciplined, productive and efficient when studying. Not only must a candidate with determination create a study plan, but they must also keep track of the topic on a regular basis.

  • Collect relevant study material:

Having the right books and study material for the exams is very important. But aspirants should limit one book per subject for the preparation for the exam and not read ten books for one subject. Follow NCERTs for basic understanding and one standard book for each subject.

  • Focus on current affairs:

Going through the newspaper every day is important for covering the general knowledge and current affairs sections of the exam. Follow one newspaper and complement it with one current affairs magazine.

  • Segregate the strong and weak areas and work accordingly:

While studying, make a list of the topics and subjects which are difficult. Give special attention to such topics and subjects. Keep in mind that working on the weaknesses is important but not at the cost of the strong areas.

  • Take guidance if needed:

If aspirants find certain topics difficult, always take guidance from the experts. Nowadays, aspirants can ask their doubts to the experts while sitting in the comfort of their home, thanks to the new ed-tech platforms.

  • Prepare short notes for final revision: 

Make short notes for the revisions of the topics for revision purpose while studying the topics. This step is of great help a few days before the exam for revision of the whole syllabus, as it is cumbersome to revise the whole book a day before the exam.

  • Revise multiple times:

Revising one topic multiple times is the best way to remember anything and increase the chances of marking the question right in the examination on the final day. Make sure you revise the entire syllabus at least three times.

  • Solve previous years’ papers:

Previous years’ questions are an excellent revision tool. They not only help to revise what one has studied, but they also give an indication of what to expect in the exam. These past years’ questions might also help to prepare by indicating which areas are crucial and where additional questions are likely to be asked.

  • Solve mock papers:

Test series are very important in preparing aspirants for the exam. The rationale for this is that it allows aspirants to analyse their preparation by highlighting their strengths and places for growth. These test series follow the most recent exam format and serve as a practice or mock exam prior to the actual exam.

  • Stay focussed and consistent:

It is crucial to know what aspirants are expecting out of the exam; this will give them a drive towards the objective and aid in keeping focused. However, they must remain committed so that they do not falter halfway through and become distracted from the preparation. Consistency is the key to qualifying for any exam.

  • Use the internet wisely:

In today’s time, the internet is of great help. If aspirants have a problem with any topic while studying, they can seek assistance from the internet. But aspirants should use the resource wisely and not waste their time on social media. 

  • Eat well and take regular breaks:

“Eat properly and sleep well, and half of your work is done.” While thorough preparation is essential for passing the exam, how one treats their body is equally vital. Eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, going for a walk or run and taking care of one’s body are also important for performing well in the exam.

All the aspirants must focus on clearing the concepts and should restrict themselves to limited books and study material. Aspirants must go through the MPSC Syllabus and exam pattern before beginning their preparation, as it is vital to understand the demand of the exam to ace it.

The aspirants must work on their mistakes and focus on multiple revisions. The MPSC exam is indeed a tough exam, but consistent hard work and the right strategy can do wonders for all serious aspirants.

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